Unique niche law practice focused nearly exclusively on uncovering and prosecuting serious fraud cases against Fortune 500 companies on behalf of their victims and whistleblowers

A small firm with a big idea for blockbuster cases.

Corporate fraud is insidious, and its victims face long odds against formidable opponents with multi-million-dollar litigation budgets and phalanxes of defense lawyers on their side (I had those budgets and hired those lawyers while in-house at a major multinational).

I intend to improve those odds and level the playing field for the corporate fraud victims and whistleblowers by offering them my Ivy League legal training, my 18-year experience of investigating and litigating corporate fraud cases, my track record of beating the best of the best opponents, and my creativity and fearlessness in pursuit of my clients’ rights.

To that end, I have started my own niche practice Joffe Law P.C. dedicated nearly exclusively to investigating and prosecuting serious fraud cases against large corporations.

Having defended Wall Street, Forbes, and Fortune clients, having sued governments and oligarchs worldwide, I stand ready to challenge any opponent, no matter how well-defended or high-placed, with the goal of achieving significant recoveries for my clients.